Friday, October 9, 2009

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.

If I remember right, it was Charles Dickens in A Tale of two Cities who wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. After watching the game last night I have to agree. It was the worst of times, it was the best of time.

Nebraska played three quarters of the “worst of times” as far as offensive football that I have seen for some time. I feel sorry for those fans that gave up after the third quarter and turned the TV off. They missed the “best of times” and the best offense of the game. It was as if someone flipped a switch or replaced the whole offensive team. WOW!!

I think that it is time for Bo to hand out the Blackshirts. The defense earned them last night. They never gave up and kept the team in the game even when the offense was just spinning it’s wheels. The in the forth quarter when they should have been dead tired, they kicked it up a notch making plays that lead to two short field touchdowns.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Football Fever

Last week, Nebraska barely loss to a very good VT team that beam Miami easily this week.

There are those that say Nebraska was cheated out of a touchdown when the receive had first his left foot and then his ring foot down in the end zone only to lose the ball when he fell out of the end zone. I thought that the ground couldn't cause a fumble. Maybe they ruled that he didn't have control but the review from the side shows that he had it in both hands and was in control.

Either way, a crushing victory over a SunBelt team wasn't enough to bring the Huskers up in the polls even though a team that they outplayed the week before thrashed Miami.

All in all, the Huskers have an improved defense this year. The real season starts with the next game against Missouri, a team that trashed thenm last year. So far in the Big Twelve North, Missouri and Kansas are both 4-0 and should be rated when Nebraska plays them. A victory or either team will show improvement. A victory over both would be sweet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted so just wanted to do a quick update. Fall begins a new season in our home with a lot of activities. We have started back up in our small groups and continue meeting weekly as marriage mentors. The weather is starting to cool here which means getting outside more. Hiking, biking and enjoying nature will consume more and more of the weekends. Throw in the normal work week, growing grandkids and now it's football season and the days fly by.

I have found that since I'm not here as much my attitude seems better. I still pay attention to what's going on but in the big scheme of things my wife, kids, grandkids , friends and my God are way more important. We can all vent to each other but that's all we're doing. If I really want to change the world I need to start in my own backyard. I need to live my life as an example for others to see and to wonder why I have such a great attitude in times of trouble. When it comes down to it there is only so much I can do in the macro but much I can do in the micro. Not everyone will agree but we can tell a lot about a person by where they spend their time and money. None of us know how long we have on this planet so for me I'll spend the rest of my days trying to make a difference by changing what I can rather than bitching about what I can't.

So I'm signing out. It's been fun but life is too short to gripe over the ridiculous antics of a bunch of people in D.C. I know my future and will do my best to lead those around me to the same ending. So I'll leave it in God's hands and follow His priorities. I'll pray for the future but live in the present. You all enjoy life, I know I will.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Soylent Green anyone?

( – Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), has advocated a policy under which the government would "presume" someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken.

This goes to the philosophy that people are subjects and property of the state and not free citizens. It seems that some not only want to tell you how to live your life, they want to tell you what will happen to you body once you die. We already have the right to donate organs even if our love ones objects. Some in government want to take our organs just because we forgot to object when we were alive.

I wouldn’t want to be young and healthy and be a perfect match to someone rich and powerful who needed a transplant. Won’t a national healthcare registry be helpful when they go organ shopping. I’m just kidding.

By the way, will there be a box to mark saying that you don’t want to be made into Soylent Green?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shame on them

Is it time to sit down and write an angry email to the head of the Associated Press? Read on and then you decide.

USMC Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard lay mortally wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade attack. He was bleeding to death through his severed leg. The embedded A.P. photographer thought it appropriate to take his picture.

The A.P. decided to splash the photo in newspapers across the nation to show the horrors of war even thought the Secretary of State Gates and the Joshua’s father begged them not to.
Where is the respect for the fallen hero’s? Where is the concern for the family’s loss? What ever happened to common decency?

With a simple email to reading "Bernard photo-Shame on you", you can send a message that this is not acceptable.

If you agree, forward this after sending your email. Maybe if they receive a couple of hundred emails they might think twice the next time.

Not #1 in the nation as of now.

My son-in-law, the husband of my youngest daughter, purchased all three pay-per-view Big Red games. Then he invited me over for supper and the game. He's really building up points. Two things I really like if free food and football.

If you didn't get to see the game, you missed a good one. Nebraska may not be a #1 in the nation team yet but they appeared to be better than last year's team that went 9-3. There is room for improvement and they will need a good game next week to get in shape for VT. I believe that there is a good chance that they will beat one or maybe two of the teams that they aren't suppose to this year.

There were plenty of young talent in the game on both sides of the ball. Kody Green has a set of wheels that just don't stop. "Superman" Burkhead looks to be the next great back after Helu. I think that they will be a powerful tandem this year if they continue to improve.

The young defensive backs showed a lot of promise. We had three take aways that could easily been five but for a penalty and a dropped interception. That puts us at plus two for the year and game. I believe that we finished -11 last year. I think I saw a stat that said that we were -35 for the past five years. It's hard to win games with those kinds of turnover stats.

I don't know if we will move up in the rankings as the teams that lost might just drop down but remain above us.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boise State - Oregon Football Fight

I am a Nebraska football fan. I enjoy watching other college football games. I will even watch some professional football now and again. I am neither an Oregon or Boise State fan.

Last night as I was watching the Oregon-Boise State game I believe the announcer said or maybe I read the Oregon's running back's comments about beating Boise State. When I saw how the game was going I told my wife that players should never give the other teams quotes of inspiration.

As I read accounts of what happened, I wondered if suspension for the rest of the season was warranted. Doesn't the NCAA have a one or two game suspension for fighting? Should the fact that the Oregon player got in a lucky punch bring on the death penalty? I will leave that to smarter minds than mine to resolve.

My question to you is what penalty will be given the Boise State player? Wasn't he in the other players face, screaming who knows what and didn't he tap-hit him on the shoulder pads? This in no way justifies a punch in the chops but come on.

When I was young and played sports, we were taught two things. It's important to accept defeat and learn to be a good loser. We were also taught to be graceful winners. There is no excuse for the punch. There is no excuse for the "in your face" taunting by the winning player.

So punish the player that threw the fist. But also punish the player who got in his face. Maybe next time, when some player gets exciting about winning, He will keep his actions to getting in the face of his fellow team members and celebrating. That's good sportsmanship.

What do you think?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama's advisers comments

We were told that race relations would be healed if/when we voted in a black President. Obama was the great healer and he and his followers would cleanse the U.S. of its bigoted past.

First we had the Rev. Wright and then AG Holder and now Van Jones. Jones is an administration official who signed a petition in 2004 suggesting the White House allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur. He has also said only suburban white kids shoot up schools (like Columbine) and does an imitation of George W on crack caught on tape.

Imagine if someone said only blacks deal drugs and did an imitation of Sharpton or the Rev Jackson drunk.

I thought only whites were racist. I guess this is what hope and change is.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Must See TV

This isn't some right wing wacko. This is the main stream TV network. People need to wake up before it's too late.

There's no need to explain what he's talking about. It should be obvious to the reader.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mandatory Circumcision?

"In an effort to reduce the spread of HIV, public health officials are considering the promotion of “universal circumcision” for all baby boys born in the United States."

If this becomes mandatory (like shots before entering school) I have some real problems with it. First, I don't believe the spread of HIV is an epidemic in the U.S. and 90% of cases are preventable. That's like the drug for girls that reduces the incidence of cervical cancer. That is a cancer that can be greatly reduced by not having sex with multiple partners. So we are giving drugs and surgery in place of teaching morals. Second, I don't want the government mandating to us what we have to do to stay healthy. Are we going to require cholesterol drugs for everyone so they can eat fast food? How about toupee's for those follically challenged so they don't get too much sun on the dome and get skin cancer. On second thought maybe we should all be required to live like the boy in the bubble so we never have an illness.

Another funny aspect to this is, many of these officials that know what's good for us are the same ones that think God should have no place in society. Do they realize that circumcision was done as a covenant between God and His people? Maybe the ACLU should file a lawsuit. This looks like it's promoting Christianity!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Heard this pardoy on Rush today and it cracked me up. I actually blasted it out my window when I saw the van with the Obama stickers next to me! Now, I don't think the healthcare fight is over, but this is too good!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remember the Killdeer bird.

What lesson can it teach us about politics?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Who caused the problem?

This video clearly shows that George Bush warned Congress starting in 2001, that this economic crisis was coming, if something was not done. But Congress refused to listen, along with the arrogant Congressman, Barney Frank.

This video says it all. The liberal media reportedly did not want this video on You Tube; it was taken off. This link is of the same video, but is routed through Canada .

Everyone in America needs to see this before it is yanked off the Internet again! Let's see how far we can spread it before it's pulled it off the Canadian site.

Without video and audio recording you can re-write history once those who remember what happened forget or die.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Who was Barbara Wagner?

My kids always hated it when I got up on my soapbox and started ranting and raving about this or that issue. I spoke against doctor assisted suicide long before the state of Oregon passed a law permitting. I said that Dr Death (Korvorkian) was just a preview of what was to come. They said that I was crazy and it couldn’t happen in America. After all, this was 20th century in America not Germany, Russia, Cambodia, Sudan or China. These other mentioned countries when trough mass genocide and killings of their own citizens. That couldn’t happen here.

The 64-year-old Oregon woman, whose lung cancer had been in remission, learned the disease had returned and would likely kill her. Her last hope was a $4,000-a-month drug that her doctor prescribed for her, but the insurance company refused to pay.

What the Oregon Health Plan did agree to cover, however, were drugs for a physician-assisted death. Those drugs would cost about $50. (ABC News story August 2008)

This woman was cast aside by the state run medical coverage and left with the option to die in pain or by doctor assisted suicide. No help came from the government charged with protecting and caring for the weakest of the people. The odd part is that help did come. It came not from some bleeding heart liberal organization but from an EVIL pharmaceutical company.

The point is that it is happening in America. It will be slow at first but it will pick up as doctors become scarce and money even scarcer. If National Health Care takes over treatment will be rationed according to whom the "medical board" deems the best fit for the treatment. Parents will be pressured to accept the option of doctor-assisted death or living in pain and being a burden on society and their families. No one over fifty wants to think about not being able to support himself or herself and having to go live with one of their children.

Barbara Wegner’s story is just one of many that you will be hearing about as time goes by if the health care bill is passed. One day it could be this Groughy Old Man’s story that you read about. Or, maybe it will be your mother or father’s story that you have to live with.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Whitehouse wants to silence critics of their plans that they say are putting out false information. I suggest everyone who is against the policies of this administration send Obama emails stating the facts of why these policies are wrong. Give them the "false info" they are talking about such as the audio of Obama saying he was for a single payer system and now saying he never said it.

Where were these concerns when W was blasted about being a drunk and druggie or how he let NO residents drown because they were black or the twin towers was an inside job? Flood the servers!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

No wonder I never liked Notre Dame

I grew up a ND hater (maybe that's too strong, how about a disliker). I'm not sure why. Maybe my dad instilled it in me, I don't know. But I finally figured it out! Lou Holtz is thinking about running for Congress and he will run as a Democrat. Nuff said.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What doesn't Obama understand?

Maybe someone has posted this before, if so, I'm sorry for bringing this up again.

We're hearing about the housing market turning around and the credit is being given to the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers (tax incentive).

We're hearing about the auto industry having their best month in a couple of years and the credit is being given to the "cash for clunkers" program (incentive).

Our economy has yet to turn around (although listening to the state controlled media, you'd think we were fine) but what is the governments increases. What? From the previous two examples that the current government has put forward, aren't tax incentives/tax cuts the way to go?

If you want people to being spending and businesses to start to hire again, why not give them incentive to do so? It's amazing to me, the administration plays up how much they've helped the housing and auto industry, but they can't get it through their think liberal skulls that if they applied that theory to the rest of the market, everything would turn's worked in the past! say there isn't enough opposition on this blog (I agree, I'd love to have more) but here is your chance. Tell me how I'm wrong.

Is this the meaning of irony?

AP KHARTOUM, Sudan – Sudanese police fired tear gas and beat women protesting at the trial Tuesday of a female journalist who faces a flogging for wearing trousers in public.

A court in the NorthWest rules that people can be nude in public at the park. They don't have to wear trousers.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

You have to believe.

Just a few short seasons ago you would have thought that Big Red was Dead. This year they are picked to win the North division of the Big 12 conference.

I predicted that they would go 8-3 last year before the season kicked off. Now I'm predicting that they will win another National Championship before I die.

I need to add a caveat to that. That's provided that Obama care doesn't get passed. Ig
f it does, then all prediction are off. I could end up with "end of life" instructions before my time.:-)

Even a broken clock is right twice a day

AP Iran state TV confirms arrest of 3 Americans

"The Iranians said they have arrested them because they entered their land without legal permission,"

Well? Maybe they don't consider it to be a merely a civil offense.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Hills 50 most beautiful

The Hill posted the 50 most beautiful people who work on Capitol Hill. I only looked at the top 10 but there was only 1 Republican. I can live with that, maybe Republicans are uglier. But when 70 year old Maxine Waters is #5 I have to think that someone is stuffing the ballot box.

Cash for Clunkers

The administration has already run out of the $1 billion that was set aside for the program. They are voting to free up a couple billion more to use as rebates for the program. As a stimulus program it seems to be working as intended but the response has been greater than anticipated.

Wouldn't this have been a better program if it had been done before the bailout? Instead of pouring all the cash to keep GM afloat and then taking them over couldn't we have spent the money orginally to help purchase cars and stimulate the market? Could consumers have used $4500 in cash rather than $4500 off the car?

On a $30000 vehicle knocking off $4500 would drop a payment approx. $100/month based on a 48 month loan. If someone can afford the loan payments would $4500 all at once do more for their standard of living then saving $100/month? I know I would rather have the cash.

Another point. Are the loan requirements being lowered like the home loans were and we'll have thousands of repossesed cars in a year or two? Also how about unintended consequences? Where will all the clunkers go? Do we have the junkyards or will these cars line our waterways?

My final question is: If the government has underestimated the cost of this program by three times and it gets put on hold 1 week after it starts how can anyone think they can run a healthcare program and that it won't cost trillions more than the estimates?

White House charges CEO's for lunch?

At a lunch last month with several CEO's, the White House charged them for their lunches. Reasons given were so Obama did not look like he was favoring anyone and to not look like he was wasting taxpayer money.

If money was the problem then why not have him stay home rather then go on a date with Michelle? How about their upcoming vacation at a home that rents for $50,000 a week? W solved the appearance of favoring anyone by not having this type of lunch.

This brings up a question. If the Pres. invited you to lunch and you would get the standard 15-20 min. with him but you had to pay for your flight, hotel, car, meals etc. would you go?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

From the mouth of a doctor.

There is so much to try and digest in such a short amount of time. Rep. Tom Price of Georgia is a doctor and here he states some of the reasons that he is against Obama’s health care program.
Actually it is unfair to call it Obama’s health care program as even he’s admitted that he hasn’t read it and doesn’t know what’s in it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Are we all equal?

As a follower of Christ I would have to say yes ( even though I have my doubts about the brains of many). As a believer we learn that we all came from one Man and are made in His image. We each have different gifts and abilities but no gift is greater than another.

What I find interesting is those that say yes but don't believe in a Creator. If you believe in evolution how can we be equal? In all species some are more intelligent or advanced. The more physically gifted males dominate the others in the pack. If man evolved from "stuff" wouldn't there be a hierarchy or class system? Wouldn't the strongest rule football or the tallest rule basketball? Wouldn't the smartest lead our country (we know that doesn't happen)? Some would have evolved more than others and thus be superior. And if we were just more advanced animals wouldn't we follow the survival of the fittest theory? Why do we care about the homeless or elderly? Evolution would lead us to get rid of the weak. God tells us to take care of them. It seems those who push the "We are all equal" the hardest are the same ones that deny there is a God. I find those views polar opposites.

Who is the racist here?

Leonard Pitts is a columnist for the Miama Herald. In his column today he tries to convice you that Officer Crowley is a racist and that is why he arrested professor Gates The following is my email to him.

Good Evening,

I know how Professor Gates feels. I had a similar incident with two white officers. I too am in my late 50’s, bald and face full of age lines. I don’t nearly as fast as I did twenty years ago and I don’t imagine I pose to menacing of a figure.

Two white officers, a male and female, appeared at my front door wanting to know what was going on inside. They had received a 911 call that had been cut short. I told them that no one from my home had made the call but that didn’t satisfy the officers. The name and address appeared on the 911 operator’s screen. They were growing impatient with my denial.

I told them to wait and I would ask the other people in my house if any of them had done it. The door is spring-loaded and it started to close. They told me to keep the door open so that they could see and heard what was going on. I almost told them that there wasn’t any problem and closed the door but common sense prevailed. After convincing them that nothing was wrong, they left. This was my home and who were they to come uninvited and harass me at my front door?

Had I become loud and defensive, they would have thought that I was hiding something. Had I closed and locked the door they would have been sure of it. Instead, clearer heads prevailed.
Do you know anything about the dangers police officers face with every call to go to someone’s home because a crime may be in process? Do you know how many little old men and women have killed? Do you know what the official procedure is when someone is arrested. Do you know what the danger is to the arresting officer is if he or she doesn’t follow those procedures?

You wrote, "By definition, racism denies individuality and preconception leave us blind, making it possible for even a man who leads diversity training to look at a small, graying scholar and see a menace to society". If this is true, then isn’t it possible that Professor Gates is slightly racist? Isn’t is possible in his exhausted state (long trip) and frustration (stuck door and broken window) he saw not a police officer doing his job according to proper procedure but a racist cop. Then seeing a racist cop he opened his mouth and put his foot in it.

I am white. There is no doubt in my mind that had I given the officers a hard time and not assured them that nothing bad was happening inside, I too could have ended up cuffed (not shackled) and taken downtown until cooler heads prevailed.

By the way, I found out later that my granddaughter had been playing with the phone and dialed 911 and then hung up. The officers didn’t know when this bold old man opened the door, if it was a child playing with the phone or if I had just killed Grandma.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grouchy you can comment

I uploaded this video per Grouchy's request. But the PC I uploaded from has no sound so I have not idea what this is about. Grouchy....comments?

Is this improvment or control?

These are suppose to be from the pages of the health reform bill. I beleive that this information is available on line if you have the time to look it up.

After you read these, I would be glad to hear from anyone that still supports Obama's program.

• Page 22: Mandates audits of all employers that self-insure!

• Page 29: Admission: your health care will be rationed!

• Page 30: A government committee will decide what treatments and benefits you get (and, unlike an insurer, there will be no appeals process)

• Page 42: The "Health Choices> Commissioner" will decide health benefits for you. You will have no choice. None.

• Page 50: All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free healthcare services.

• Page 58: Every person will be issued a National ID> Healthcard.

• Page 59: The federal> government will> have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer.

• Page 65: Taxpayers will subsidize all union retiree and community organizer health plans (read: SEIU, UAW and ACORN)

• Page 72: All private healthcare plans must conform> to government rules to participate in a Healthcare Exchange.

• Page 84: All private health care plans must participate in the Healthcare Exchange (i.e., total government control of private plans)

• Page 91: Government mandates linguistic infrastructure for services; translation: illegal aliens

• Page 95: The Government will pay ACORN and Americorps to sign up individuals for Government-run Health Care plan.

• Page 102: Those eligible for Medicaid will be automatically enrolled: you have no choice in the matter.

• Page 124: No company can sue the government for price-fixing. No "judicial review" is permitted against the government monopoly. Put simply, private insurers will be crushed.

• Page 127: The AMA sold doctors out: the government will set wages.

• Page 145: An employer MUST auto-enroll employees> into the government-run public plan. No alternatives.

• Page 126: Employers MUST pay healthcare bills for part-time employees AND their families.

• Page 149: Any employer with a payroll of $400K or more, who does not offer the public option, pays an 8% tax on payroll

• Page 150: Any employer with a payroll of $250K-400K> or more, who does not offer the public option, pays a 2 to 6% tax on=2 0payroll

• Page 167: Any individual who doesnt'> have acceptable healthcare (according to the government) will be taxed 2.5% of income.

• Page 170: Any NON-RESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes (Americans will pay for them).

• Page 195: Officers and employees of Government Healthcare Bureaucracy will have access to ALL American financial and personal records.

• Page 203: "The tax imposed> under this section shall> not be treated as tax." Yes, it really says that.

• Page 239: Bill will reduce physician> services for Medicaid.> Seniors and the poor most affected."

• Page 241: Doctors: no matter what speciality you> have, you'll all be> paid the same (thanks, AMA!)

• Page 253: Government sets value of doctors' time, their professional judgment, etc.

• Page 265: Government mandates and controls productivity for private healthcare industries.

• Page 268: Government regulates rental and purchase of power-driven wheelchairs.

• Page 272: Cancer patients: we lcome to the wonderful world of rationing!

• Page 280: Hospitals will be penalized for what the government deems preventable re-admissions.

• Page 298: Doctors: if you treat a patient during an> initial admission that results in a readmission, you will be penalized by the government.

• Page 317: Doctors: you are now prohibited for owning and investing in healthcare companies!

• Page 318: Prohibition on hospital expansion. Hospitals cannot expand without government approval.

• Page 321: Hospital expansion hinges on "community" input: in other words, yet another payoff for ACORN.

• Page 335: Government mandates establishment of outcome-based measures: i.e., rationing.

• Page 341: Government has authority to disqualify Medicare Advantage Plans, HMOs, etc.

• Page 354: Government will restrict enrollment of SPECIAL NEEDS individuals.

• Page 379: More bureaucracy: Telehealth Advisory Committee (healthcare by phone).

• Page 425: More bureaucracy: Advance Care Planning> Consult: Senior> Citizens, assisted suicide, euthanasia? ;

• Page 425: Government will instruct and consult regarding living wills, durable powers of attorney, etc. Mandatory. Appears to lock in estate taxes ahead of time.

• Page 425: Goverment provides approved list of end-of-life resources, guiding you in death.

• Page 427: Government mandates program that orders end-of-life treatment; government dictates how your life ends.

• Page 429: Advance Care Planning Consult will be used to dictate treatment as patient's health deteriorates. This can include an ORDER for end-of-life plans. An ORDER from the GOVERNMENT.

• Page 430: Government will decide what level of treatments you may have at end-of-life.

• Page 469: Community-based Home Medical Services: more payoffs for ACORN.

• Page 472: Payments to Community-based organizations: more payoffs for ACORN.

• Page 489: Government will cover marriage and family therapy. Government intervenes in your marriage.

• Page 494: Government will cover mental health services: defining, creating and rationing those services.

Monday, July 27, 2009


And you think that you had a bad day!

I’m not 100% sure to all of the facts of this story. Here a link to one of the stories that I found on line. (cut and paste)

What I do know is that this plane costs $200 million dollars and it’s toast because of an error in testing. I was sent some pictures of the inside of the plane. They have bedroom suites with television for long trips. Each wide-bodied seat is a computer terminal. It is luxury all the way to the bathrooms.

It seems that the flight crew was testing it out for the maiden flight and someone put all four engines on max thrust at the same time. A “safety devise” cut power to the breaks and the jet lunged forward. For some reason, they flight crew didn’t cut the power in time and crash, there was the wall.

Do you notice the two small specks by the tail section? That’s two people wondering what to do now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ending racism in America?

From what we were told, electing a black President would help with our race relations in this country. Well, I tuned for part (couldn't listen all the b.s. that was said) of the Pres. news conference last night. Since I only caught the end of the conference, I heard the last question asked regarding an arrest of a black professor from Harvard and if this harms race relations...or something along those lines.

The Pres. responded that he didn't have all the facts but that the officers acted "stupidly." Why does he feel the officers acted stupidly? Was it because they arrested a black man who was in his own home? Was it because they responded to the call at all?

Without having the facts, it amazes me that Pres. Obama would make a comment at al (his typical healthcare response was "I haven't seen the bill"). I guess he felt he had to bad mouth the white cop who arrested the black man. How does this help race relations? Isn't this what is always happening? Black man being kept down by the white man? Well, I've read the arresting officers report. Doesn't sound like he did anything wrong. Sounds like the man arrested was accusing the officer of being a racist from the moment he responded to the call. He was given multiple warnings that he was going to be arrested but the man kept yelling.

What makes me concerned is that the Pres. put our law enforcement under the bus. He sided with the man who was being arrested over the cops. What will he do with our military and other law enforcement? Will he side on the accusations of abuse from inmates, terrorists, and others who feel they have been wronged by authority figures? I was told things were going to be different now that we have a black Pres... well, I guess our Pres. has the same attitude of other blacks who claim the white man is keeping them down.

I have to say that the White House has come out with a clarification, the President didn't mean that the officers were stupid, he meant that acted stupid. Wow, good job on clarifying. This administration is such a joke. Mr. President, I don't mean you're a moron, I mean you're acting like a moron.

Here's a link to the police report:

Should healthcare be a right?

The healthcare debate is raging. Obama is pushing hard and the Republicans are fighting back. We can argue about the various plans out there but the fundamental question is " In this nation of prosperity should affordable healthcare be considered a right for everyone?"

Just throwing it out there.

This Is Where Each of Your 1.421 Trillion Dollars Is Going In 2010

link of the day. (image link)
if you copy the image out into a word doc you can zoom better.
go to this site, it will zoom for you. (scroll down)
main Site

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Goldman 'warrants


Goldman Sachs (GS, Fortune 500) said it paid the government $1.1 billion to redeem the stock-purchase warrants it issued Treasury last fall. The payment marks the first time taxpayers have recovered the full value of warrants issued to a major institution under the Troubled Asset Relief Program, one expert said.

"That sounds pretty good," said Rep. Dennis Moore, D-Kansas, said of the 23% annualized return taxpayers got on their $10 billion investment last fall in Goldman

One Trillion Dollars Visualized


Monday, July 20, 2009

What good can come of it?

Here is a question for someone smarter than I am. That could be most anyone out there. Maybe someone out there is a lawyer, knows a lawyer or is married to a lawyer.

Child porn is illegal to photograph, illegal to sell, illegal to own and illegal to broadcast.

If it is illegal to take pictures or film of prisoners of war for propaganda, it’s against the Geneva Convention, why isn’t it illegal to sell, own or broadcast? If it is propaganda, which it is, aren’t the television stations that broadcast it aiding and abetting the enemy by doing so? Why do we as a nation provided the enemy with an outlet for an illegal action?

What good did it do to show the film of the American soldier in captivity?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is this what you want for your children?

Involuntary Fertility Control:

A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively difficulty of the operation than a vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men…

The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control. The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removed, with official permission, for a limited number of births.

If you know your history, you know that Dr. Menegle was a Nazi physician that committed horrible experiments on Jewish prisoners during the 1930-40’s. If you know Communist Chine, you know that they have a one child law that has lead to the abortions of million upon millions of female babies if favor of male children. You also know that they now have a problem with the ration of men to women. If everyone were to be mated up, somewhere around 5-7% of the men would be without wives.

The incursion of the reproductive rights of the Chinese people and the population control of “undesirable people” didn’t originate in Germany. These ideas go back to late nineteenth and early twentieth century progressive in the good old USA. The supporters of early birth control weren’t about family planning, they were about population control. They wanted to control who could reproduce and how many children you were allowed to have, if any.

John Holden Obama’s Science Czar co-author of Ecoscience; Population, Resources, Environment. These statements were part of that book.

Washington D.C., Jul 15, 2009 / 06:08 am (CNA).- The office of President Obama’s “science czar” John Holdren has responded to concerns Holdren co-authored a book which allegedly contained comments supporting coercive population control measures. A spokesman for the department said that Holdren disavowed such policies at his confirmation hearing. Catholic News Voice

Does it come to any surprise that he refutes these statements when he wanted to be appointed to a federal job? When was his mind changed, ten years ago, five years ago or when he was nominated? These are the people you want making decisions for you and your children?

Another Obama appointee

Cass Sunstein has been appointed as Obama's choice to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. Although obscure," reported the Wall Street Journal, "the post wields outsize power. It oversees regulations throughout the government, from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Look at his background and you will find another lawyer who dislikes free speech. He thinks that the bloggers have been rampaging out of control and that new laws need to be written to corral them. His last book "Nudge" suggests that government ought to gently force people to be better human beings.

Wake up out there! This is the President of the U.S. and he wants to shut us up.


The term revolution brings many different images to mind when you hear it. To some it is a bearded, cigar smoking dictator in South or Central America. To other’s, it Lords and Ladies being lead off to the guillotine to be executed by the peasants. To many, it is the plain Minutemen against the Redcoats. It is the well-trained army against the common citizens. In every case the vision is filled with battles, bloodshed and great loss of life.

All of these are correct in describing one of many revolutions that have happened down throughout history. This is another view that for the most part is bloodless and the vanquished ruling government isn’t executed, jailed or exiled. Not all revolutions end in an overthrow on the ruling government.

This bloodless revolution happens on a local scale every two years and on a national scale every four years. We call them elections. Congressmen run for election every two years, Senators every six years and the President every four years. As we found out in 1996 and 2004, the revolution isn’t successful and the ruling figure is reelected. In the 1992 revolution, George Bush was overthrown by then leader of the Democratic Party’s leader Bill Clinton. No blood was shed, to one went to jail, no one was exiled.

The next minor revolution is sixteen months away the major revolution is forty months away. My concern is it close enough to preserve the bloodless revolutions that we have experienced the last two hundred years? The current President and the Federal Government is moving in and taking over more and more control of the economy of the United States. The people are being told one thing and then find out that just the opposite is happening. The Founding Fathers warned against a too powerful centralized federal government to the point of saying taking up arms against it might be required to maintain our freedom.

I am too old to be tramping the fields fighting for the cause of freedom. I do however have son-in-laws and grandsons that I don’t want to see have to go to war to regain their freedom from a repressive government. We, the American people, have the weapon that is more powerful than the sword, THE PEN. It matters not how you contact you government leaders, pen and paper or email; it is the power to slow down the incursion into our private lives. Ten letters might not make a difference but ten thousand will and one hundred thousands will give them visions of townsfolk with pitchfork and torches chasing the monster out of town. They don’t want to be that monster.

This is a warning, a call to arms, pick up your pens or keyboards and fight with them now so that your children won’t have to fight a bloody revolution in the future.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

House bill to hit millionaires with 5.4 pct surtax

House bill to hit millionaires with 5.4 pct surtax

Let's all cry for them now. I just they will have to wait a year or two to by the new ferrari.

~ But to be real about it. Someone is going to have to pay up off the spending of all the Wars, Crap problems that are being passed and pork over the last 10 years(both sides). We're to the point that everyone is going to pay higher taxes. So now who is going to pay more?

link to site

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is this right or wrong?

I have never created a new post on here, but this is driving me crazy and I couldn't think of a better place to get others opinions!

I have a friend that bought a house during the peak housing market. They purchased their house for $220,000 and now homes in their area are selling for $90,000. Her parents just recently purchased a home in Gilbert that they plan on using for retirement in 3 years. They have told my friend and her family that they can live in the house for the next 3 years(rent free) before they move to Arizona to retire. My friend is very excited because they have better options as far as schools go for their special needs child. She told me the other day that they are going to do a short sale on their home. I asked her how they could do this, her husband still has his job (attorney) so financially nothing has changed for them. She said all you have to do is clear out your bank account, show your debt and that's about it. This is where I start having an issue. I asked her why it is the banks responsibility (and ultimately the taxpayers) to pay off their home just because they want to live somewhere else? She said that they never planned on living in that home very long and how else were they going to get out. Again, my reaction is, that's not my problem or the banks problem because the housing market took a fall, is it? Where did individual responsibility go, when is your bad luck, your bad luck and not someone else's problem to fix? Have we gotten to the point that we expect do overs every time things don't work out the way we want them? She can justify this anyway she wants, but the bottom line is your still falsifying documents to the bank, which is illegal and taking advantage of a program that was intended to help people that really needed it. Is it okay to take advantage of a situation just because it's so easy, or is it still wrong morally and legally?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

You're in or You're out

A friend sent this to me. I’m not sure where it originated but I’m sure some grouchy old person wrote it.

(Whoever wrote this one deserves a HUGE pat on the back!)
Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job.
I work, they pay me.
I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit.
In order to get that paycheck,
I am required to pass a random urine test with which I have no problem.
What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people
who don't have to pass a urine test.

Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check
because I have to pass one to earn it for them?
Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet.
I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their rear end,
doing drugs, while I work. . .
Can you imagine how much money the state would save
if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check?

Pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don't.
Hope you all will pass it along, though.
Something has to change in this country soon!!!

I guess we could title that program,
'Urine or You're Out'.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

GDP vs National Debt by Country


some times a Pic tells a better story.

(good site)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Obama to limit size of companies

From the AP:

"Around Washington and Wall Street they have come to be known as TBTF — too big to fail. It's not just size, though. These companies are so far-flung, so intertwined and so precariously leveraged that a single one's collapse can create system wide tremors that imperil the finances of millions of Americans. With that fear in mind, the government stepped in to bail out Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp. and AIG with tens of billions of public money last year. Looking to avoid such a costly intervention, President Barack Obama's regulatory plan calls for large, interconnected companies to pay a heavy price for the system wide risk they pose."

At one time the US was the envy of the world. Our cars were bigger and our salaries were too. We had the biggest and most profitable companies. Our armies could defeat all comers and we sang the praises of this Great Country and God from shore to shore.

Now our cars run on air and fit 4 small adults. Our companies have gone offshore and the ones left are being told to shrink or face penalties. CEO's are told what they can make, doctors told what they can practice and schools what they can teach. Fielding a military has become difficult with so many having disdain for the army and just try mentioning God outside of church.

All that made this country the land of the free and home of the brave has been vanishing for some time but this current administration has sped the process to warp speed. If the size of American life is what the problem is in our country than I have one more area we need to shrink. The Federal Government!!! Why is it this is the only institution that is allowed to grow? This is the only institution that produces nothing yet sucks money out of the economy at the speed of light. Write your senators! Tell them you've had enough! There comes a time when a line in the sand needs to be drawn and that time is now. As Grouchy said we NEED a leader. Where is he?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What if they were right in 1974?

The government has passed or is attempting to pass regulations that cover everything from which light bulbs you can use, low flush toilets, what type shower heard you use, to if you can sell your house without replacing an older model dishwasher of microwave. Never mind if they still work or not, if they don’t meet certain energy savings requirements, you will have to replace them before selling your house. In the name of global warming and farming practices, the government wants to regulate small farmers that raise and sell their produce on street corners or at farmer’s markets. The government is passing so many laws that at any one time you may be in violation of several of them without even knowing it.

I had heard several people talk about the fact that there was an “Coming Ice Age” scare back in the 70’s. I kind of remembered some of the discussion but I couldn’t remember all of the facts. I decided to get on line and see what I could find. What I found were hundreds of thousands of different blogs and articles about it. I wanted to narrow it down so I went to, as Time Magazine was one of the fear mongers sounding the alarm. This link will take you to the Time article published in June 1974.,9171,944914,00.html

So what if they were right then and wrong now. What if the last two decades of excessive sunspot activity actually provided a stay to the global cooling that they were discussing back then? If you take a look at the last seven to ten years, you will find that the temperatures have been falling again even with the increase of CO2.

One recent blog actually wondered if Al Gore would be in favor of subsidizing SUV production to help warm the planet once it is discovered that we are in deed cooling instead of warming up. It concluded that if Mr. Gore could make a dollar doing it, he would be at the front of the line.

In the mean time Congress, which is suppose to work for the people is going about making energy slaves out of the people. Other countries that have Cap and Trade laws are trying to undo the damage that it has caused. Germany reportedly pays 25% more for electricity now after Cap and Trade took effect.

One of the reasons that unions made headway into the mining business was because the miners were little more than slaves to the mining companies. This was supported by the company store. Miners could purchase food other needs from the local store. The mining company owned the store. The miners lived in company housing. The mining company ran the hospitals. No matter how hard the miners worked, they could never get out of debt because the mining company just raised their prices. If they went on strike, they would be without food, shelter and medical care.

Is that were we are headed in America? Instead of a company ran store, company housing and company hospitals; will it be government ran? Will the prices be kept so high that it’s all we can do to keep our heads above water? Will the taxes, hidden in the cost of products and taken out of our paychecks leave what we need to survive as free men and women?

If the direction the country is headed isn’t changed, you and your children won’t live in the America that you grew up in. The problem is the Democrats or Republicans are taking us down the same road to destruction. Is there another Ronald Reagan out there?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin resigns as Gov.

Maybe she just wants out of the spotlight but with her resignation the speculation of her running for Pres. in 2012 begins. If she is ready to throw her hat in the ring is she a viable candidate?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The U.S. Supreme Court is going to hear arguments stating that Obama isn’t qualified to be President as he doesn’t meet the citizenship requirements. Should the court rule him ineligible, all hell will break loose. I don’t think that there is a chance in a trillion of that happening.

Having discounted the chances that that will happen, let’s say for sake of argument that it does. The Supreme Court rules that Obama isn’t eligible to be president. Obama laughs at the ruling and states that the majority of they people that voted elected him and he is staying put. The Joint Chiefs of Staff which have sworn an oath to the Constitution and the American people remove Obama from office and place Joe Biden in as President of the United States. Under these circumstances, did America just have a military coup or did the constitutional process, enforced by the military, take effect?

What does this have to do with Honduras? Honduras has a clause in their constitution similar to that of the U.S. Constitution that states that the president can only serve two terms. Recently, towards the end of his second term, the President of Honduras decided that he was going to have a petition election to allow him to serve for a third term. The opposition filed suit and the Supreme Court of Honduras ruled that the petition election was unconstitutional and that the then serving president couldn’t serve again. The President decided that he wasn’t going to follow their constitution or their Supreme Court’s ruling. The military, all sworn to protect the country and the constitution stepped in and removed the president. The legislative body of Honduras appointed their leading person to fill in as president.

From what I have read and hear about the change in leadership in Honduras, the military was performing their sworn duty to uphold their constitution as ruled by their Supreme Court. I fail to understand President Obama’s position on this matter. President Obama has aligned himself with the likes of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chevez. Neither are supports of democracy. This was not a violent overthrow; it was their constitution process working.

Write your Representative and Senators and request that they support the new Honduran government.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

No time to give up.

The fact that Common Sense didn’t prevail in the House of Representatives with regards to the Cap and Trade bill doesn’t mean that it’s time to admit defeat. To the contrary, it means that it’s time to dig in and contact our Senators.

It doesn’t matter if you senators are democrats or republicans, they needs to be contacted and your voice raise against this mind numbing, economy killing, tax raising bill.

The national news media is stating that there isn’t much chance of getting this bill through the Senate. Could this be a ploy to get concerned citizens to back off their duty to contact their senators? After all, why go through the process if it’s going to fail anyway? Then when it passes, those senators sitting on the fence can say they didn’t hear anything from their constituents one way or the other.

Now I am going to pen a email, odd statement, type and email to my two senators asking them to vote against the Cap and Trade bill. While I’m at it, I will express my opposition to the health care bill too.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally-some common sense

Madame Speaker:

While there is still vigorous debate over the amount of the human contribution to global warming, it seems clear that man has played a role. I believe that we have a moral obligation to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and use clean, reliable, affordable sources of energy. But we must balance this moral obligation with an equal obligation we have to our constituents to do this in a manner that preserves our nation's economic competitiveness and jobs for Americans.

The Cap and Tax bill before us today is exactly that - an attempt to collect more money from Americans through indirect taxation; it is not a serious attempt to reduce carbon dioxide or other GHG emissions. The basic message of Cap and Tax bill is that "you can still emit CO2 as long as long as you pay the government for this privilege." This would be called extortion under other circumstances. Tony Soprano would be proud.

Other means of reducing emissions, such as phasing out older, dirtier, less efficient coal plants and replacing them in an orderly manner with clean, reliable, affordable energy like nuclear power were dismissed by the Democrat Leadership without even cursory consideration. However, this approach would produce more jobs than the Cap and Tax bill, and result in significant CO2 reductions without the significant increase in costs to consumers' utility bills this bill creates.

Advocates of the Cap and Tax bill state that it will not significantly increase the economic burdens on our constituents. This is just not true. The Cap and Tax bill also contains a Renewable Electricity Standard and other elements which will significantly increase costs to utilities and consumers. The Power District in my District conducted an independent analysis of the costs to my constituents, free of political interference like the one put out by EPA. Even with the free allowances allocated under the Waxman-Markey Cap and Tax bill, costs for ********* will increase by $74 million in 2012, and increase to $410 million a year by 2030 in the most optimistic case. My constituents will pay a new energy tax every time they flip on a light switch, turn on their computers, or charge their cell phones.

When the Energy & Commerce Committee met, amendments to replace old coal plants with clean, reliable, affordable energy from nuclear plants, or to encourage the construction of more nuclear plants to reduce our carbon emissions, were rejected on mostly party lines. This makes no sense. Nuclear power is clean, reliable, and the cheapest means of producing electricity in history to date. I urge my colleagues to reject this costly, job-killing legislation

This wasn’t written by a Grouchy Old Man, it was written by his Congressman. The letters were changed to red and italics by me. I think that he hit the nail squarely on the head.

I don’t have to write to my Congressman to push for this point of view but maybe you do.

A Grouchy Old Man

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strip search follow-up;_ylt=Ah5XzwcP3vLuhp_duCvVwAV1fNdF

This is a follow-up to my April 21st 2009 blog about the strip search of a 13-year-old girl. They were looking for ibuprofen. As you might guess, I was outraged by the school official’s action of strip searching a 13-year-old looking for over the counter non-aspirin.

WASHINGTON (AFP) – School officials in Arizona violated the rights of a 13-year-old girl when they ordered her strip-search and looked for extra-strength pain medication in her underwear, the US Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

I was even more outraged by the following portion of their decision.

Nevertheless, the Supreme Court said the plaintiff could not sue for damages, because at the time the illegality of the strip-search had not been established.

The illegality had not been established? What about the mere insanity of the matter? Why wasn’t the child made to sit in the office until her parent(s) arrived and they could have handled the problem? What ever happened to common sense? Apparently the Supreme Court has lost some of theirs.

If the Supreme Court didn’t want to allow the girl that had her Constitutional rights violated the Constitutional right to sue her abusers; they should have come up with some other punishment. Why should the wacko school officials get away Scott free?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here we go again!

I thought that relaxed lending rules lead to the current housing trouble. Well, Barney Frank is at it again....

"Two U.S. Democratic lawmakers want Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to relax recently tightened standards for mortgages on new condominiums, saying they could threaten the viability of some developments and slow the housing-market recovery, the Wall Street Journal said."

Here's a link to the article...and another copy of the best video about Barney Frank!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 years for stealing a bike

Donte Stallworth is driving drunk and kills a guy. He pleads guilty to DUI manslaughter and receives a 30 day jail sentence and a monetary settlement with the family.

Lance Armstrongs bike is stolen and the theif gets 3 years.

So the moral of the story is: If you need to get somewhere and have no wheels it's better to get drunk and drive than to steal someone's bike. Either that or get the liberal judge that gives 30 days for killing a guy.

Obama's eligibilty going to court

Under growing pressure from several groups, Justice Antonin Scalia announced that the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear arguments concerning Obama's legal eligibility to serve as President in a case brought by Leo Donofrio of New Jersey . This lawsuit claims Obama's dual citizenship disqualified him from serving as president. Donofrio's case is just one of 18 suits brought by citizens demanding proof of Obama's citizenship or qualification to serve as president.

AP- WASHINGTON D.C. - In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama's qualifications for the presidency, the group "Americans for Freedom of Information" has Released copies of President Obama's college transcripts from Occidental College. Released today, the transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate at the school. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California. The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship. This document would seem to provide the smoking gun that many of Obama's detractors have been seeking. Along with the evidence that he was first born in Kenya and there is no record of him ever applying for US citizenship, this is looking pretty grim. The news has created a firestorm at the White House as the release casts increasing doubt about Obama's legitimacy and qualification to serve as president. When reached for comment in London , where he has been in meetings with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Obama smiled but refused comment on the issue. Britain's Daily Mail has also carried the story in a front-page article titled, "Obama Eligibility Questioned," leading some to speculate that the story may overshadow economic issues on Obama's first official visit to the U.K.

Do we really want Pres. Biden?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Appendix to Obama's Bogeymen

I sense that I need to come clean and not be a hypocrite here. When speaking about Obama’s bogeymen I may have sounded as if I don’t care about the people who find themselves in financial problems. I truth is, I do. Once in my youth I found myself out of work once again (seniority layoff) and unable to pay my bills. There are several causes for reasons beyond a person’s control that he finds himself unable to pay his bills. It might be not having enough seniority to hold your job, it could be unexpected health issues, it could be a bubble in the housing market that drops the value of your house to half of what you owe on it. Then on the other hand, it could be that you made some bad choices in life.

I know the pain and heartache of having to swallow my pride and admit that I was not able to make it. I know the shame that I felt that I wasn’t man enough to provide for my family everything that everyone else had. Even though the turndown in the economy meant that there weren’t any jobs to be had, I still felt that I was less than a man because of the financial trouble we were in.

I made the hard decision, I bit the bullet and we lost everything, the house, the furniture, and even the baby’s bed. You know that you’ve sunk low when you watch as they take away your baby’s crib and there is nothing that you can do about it. It’s something that you look back on with shame for many years until you understand that there were no other options. We made the decisions that got us in trouble, we suffered the consequences of those actions and we learned the lessons that needed to be learned.

There were no rich relatives or liberal governmental programs that came in and bailed us out. It changed our lives in the short term for the worse but it modified our lived in the long term for the better.

The point of my listing wasn’t to belittle anyone who finds himself in financial difficulty. I’ve been there and done that. It was to speak against those who feel that it is the government’s job to come into their lives and make everything right. It’s to wake people up that the more you take from the government, the more they take from you.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Drug companies give away.

By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent David Espo, Ap Special Correspondent

WASHINGTON – The pharmaceutical industry agreed Saturday to spend $80 billion over the next decade improving drug benefits for seniors on Medicare and defraying the cost of President Barack Obama's health care legislation, capping secretive negotiations involving key lawmakers and the White House.

"This new coverage means affordable prices on prescription drugs when Medicare benefits don't cover the cost of prescriptions," Sen. Max Baucus, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said in a statement announcing the accord.

While this may be good news for people like me; old and getting older by the minute. It’s bad news for younger people like you. The drug companies aren’t like the US Government. They can’t just go out and print 80 billion dollars to cover the loss earnings due to this Medicare give away.

In order for drug companies, any company to stay in business, they have to show a positive return on the money that investors placed in their care. Those investors are common US citizens who have drug company stock in their portfolio. This will mean a smaller return on IRA’s and other pension funds.

It will also mean higher prices for those who actually have to pay for their medications. If the return on the invested dollar goes too low, the investors pull out and the company goes under.
So between higher prices and lower returns, you will be paying for this give away.

Obama's Bogeymen

If you want to have a good laugh or two, purchase a CD of any of Bill Cosby’s older comedy sessions. Bill was always able to make you laugh without being vulgar or using foul language. In one of the short tales, he explained how his parents kept him in bed at night. His parents told him that there were snakes under his bed. If he set foot on the floor, they would bite him and he would swell up and be dead until morning. Then followed a conversation that he had with the snake as he needed to go to the bathroom.

As children, we were told that a large creature lived in the big river that flowed by our city. Children had been reported missing after wondering down by the river by themselves. It was sort of a local "Loch Ness Monster". There was supposed to be a "village" of albinos living north of town nest to a graveyard with sunken graves. Children out at night who wondered too far from home would put their life in peril. The albinos would chase you through the graveyard where you would trip and fall into one of the sunken graves. Once there, you were at the mercy of the albinos.

It was funny how parents used mythological bogeymen and creatures to scare children into doing what they wanted them to do. What isn’t funny is when the adult telling you these stories is the President of the United States.

Obama has had one bogeyman after another since being sworn into office. There were the evil home loan officers that broke into you homes at night and made you take out a home loan that you knew you couldn’t afford. There were the evil car companies that made gas-guzzlers that you didn’t want and forced you to purchase. Then they made you take out loans with payments bid enough to be house payments. Now it’s the evil credit card companies that twist your arm to take another credit card and then charge it up to the limit. You didn’t want to purchase all of that junk on your credit card but they made you do it.

Not only are we victims of evil home, car and credit car lenders, there is only one way out. We need to sign over more and more of our rights to the federal government and they will take care of us.

The amazing thing that I noticed is that none of the bogeymen are current Obama supports. It’s funny how that worked out.

Apology for slavery

Thursday the Senate passed a resolution apologizing for slavery. My first reaction is, with all the problems facing this country (health care, take over of companies, terrorists, Gitmo etc) is this a good use of the Senates time? My next reaction may get me in trouble with the PC crowd.

Even though blacks were treated like animals, abused and killed. Even though there is no justification for slavery my question is: Are blacks in the US today better off than those that are still in Africa? Meaning could slavery with all its horrors actually have benefited those blacks that live in this country?

First we have to state that slavery was going on before the US was born and continues today and that only 3% of all slaves were in the US. The last numbers I could find were the average black makes $35000 in the US and $1500 in Africa. The life expectancy is much lower in Africa and AIDS is much higher. US blacks are better educated and healthier than African blacks.

While the atrocities of slavery cannot be justified are there any blacks living in the US today who would want to go back to the poverty of Africa? What does an apology for slavery do for the country? Will the race baiters be satisfied and move on now? I thought this was supposed to be all behind us now that we have a black President. This is not a justification for slavery just a realistic look at where we are today. Perhaps it was a dark time in history that was used to teach us and those families that went through it were given grace and are today better off than if they hadn't.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Liberals getting crazier

Senator Barbara Boxer chastises a Brigadier General in a committee meeting on New Orleans and the levies. When he calls her Ma'am (he called the male senators sir) she asks him to call her Senator since she worked so hard to attain that title. This is a perfect example of the thought process in DC and how they put themselves on a pedestal.

Obama swats a fly and PETA is upset but you won't hear one word about the 5000 abortions performed daily.

As long as Obama is in office the libs will continue to be bold about their thoughts and the lunacy will get worse.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4F=Fishing, Food, Family and Fun

I know that I promised not to do this again but I can’t help myself.

My oldest daughter, her husband and four children came down to the cabin for ten days. It has been my duty to make daily trips down there to deliver items needed and pick up garbage and dirty clothes. We have done this every year for the last five years.

We have a grandfather, father and grandson fishing contest every year that I engrave an award plaques for. The winner receives the plaque with everyone’s name and standing engraved on it. I have never won the fishing contest. I almost did last year until my grandson came up and said that Daddy had given him his count so that put him over mine.

I’m required to fish 2-6 hours every day to make sure that everyone gets a chance to fish with Poppa. (That’s another alias that I use.) Needless to say, a good time is had by all. This year my other two grandchildren are also visiting. The picture you see is of Zoe’s (9 yrs old) catch of an 16" catfish on a child’s Barbie rod and reel. This was her first time fishing. I’m sure that she’s hooked for good.

The weather has been about as nice as you could ask for, warm but not hot with little or no breeze. There haven’t been very many bugs at all. The water temperature is still cool so you have to really work to get the bass to bite. We have been averaging 5-6 fish each for a couple hours of fishing in the evening. The largest was 16-17" with most in the 12-15" range. Whenever someone catches one less than 10" they receive a hard time from everyone.

We have been grilling outdoors and we have had plenty of side dishes and deserts. The food, fishing and family have made the last week one of the best ever.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Maybe there is hope.

I just found this editorial by Dick may answer my question on when this is Obama's economy and not Bush's.

"Obama’s issues crumbling"

"At last, there is convincing evidence that Obama’s poll numbers may be descending to earth. While his approval remains high — and his personal favorability is even higher — the underlying numbers suggest that a decline may be in the offing. Even as he stands on his pedestal, the numbers under his feet are crumbling.

According to a Rasmussen poll, more voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle the economy, by a margin of 45-39. Scott Rasmussen notes that “this is the first time in over two years of polling that the GOP has held the advantage on this issue.” Last month, he had the Democrats holding a one-point lead, but they lost it in June’s polling."

More reading here:

How long is this Bush's fault?

Pres. Obama told us that his porkulus package needed to be passed ASAP to avoid another great depression. The members of congress didn’t even have time to read the entire spending bill before they had to vote on it. “In pushing to get his $787 billion stimulus package passed in Congress, President Obama's economic team said that without the federal spending jolt, the unemployment rate would hit 8.8 percent by the last fiscal quarter of 2010. With the package, his advisers argued, the unemployment rate would reach only 7 percent.”

Well, we now have unemployment numbers at 9.4 percent and if, from what I’ve heard, figured as past unemployment numbers have been, we are easily into double digits.

So I ask, what good did the stimulus package do? Ok wait…it saved around 150,000 jobs so far. How can you measure that? We’ve lost around 1.8 million since Obama took office. At what point do we begin to cite Obama’s policies as taking us down further? When is this no longer a problem the previous administration had left him?

So far I have not seen any benefit besides a whopping $16.00 in my paychecks! We spent all this money to bail out the auto companies because they were too big to fail. Now their filling for bankruptcy…what happened to our money?

When will (or have) the American people woken up to what’s going on? Is it just the media that is on Obama’s side still?

I know that’s a lot of questions, but for my first post in a couple weeks, that’s what’s going through my head!

Chastity Bono and was God wrong?

Chastity Bono has come out and said she is changing to a he. From time to time there are those who say they feel they were born into the wrong body. Is this possible? If so, if God is perfect and knows all how can this happen? Sounds like something for Grouchy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All politics think of them selves.

This, according to former vice-president Dick Cheney, who reportedly admitted in a recent interview on Fox News that the Bush administration floated the $17.4 billion auto industry bailout package in order to give the outgoing administration enough time to exit and for the next administration to settle in before the house of cards in Detroit came tumbling down. According to Cheney, President Bush "decided that he did not want to be the one who pulled the plug just before he left office."


President Obama might just have hit the biggest bump in the road on his way to turning America into a socialist nation. The funny part is that a liberal and not a conservative, although temporary, put up the roadblock.

Supreme Court justice Ruth Ginsburg put the sale of Chrysler to Fiat on hold. It seems that she is at least giving lip service to the notion that we are a nation of laws. If she does the right thing and has the whole court hear the case, there is a better than even chance that the sale will be blocked.

The issue is whether we are governed by "the rule of law" of if a power hungry President can skirt the laws to bring about what he wants to happen. The problem for President Obama is that our bankruptcy laws dictate how the assets of a corporation will be divided up when a company fails. Those creditors with secured loans are first in line for any funds to be dispersed. Obama want to pick and choose who gets what. He gave a bigger percentage of return to the unions than he did to say, state employee pension funds. It’s great payback for the union’s support during the election but will he get away with it?

The bigger problem is if secure creditors’ rights aren’t upheld by the courts, you will see billions of dollars of foreign investments leave America and go overseas where secured investors are still protected. Even China, communist China, no human rights China protects the rights of investors.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Newsweek editor finds God!!

Newsweek editor Evan Thomas talking to Chris Matthews of MSNBC comparing Reagan in 1984 with Obama today "Reagan was all about America, and you talked about it. Obama is - we are above that now. We're not just parochial, we're not just chauvinistic, we're not just provincial. We stand for something, I mean in a way Obama's standing above the country, above above the world, he's sort of God."

How can anyone in their right mind think the media is impartial? Can someone tell me what Obama has done? Reagan inspired us to be better than we thought was possible. He told us that the U.S. was the best place on earth and to be proud of that. Obama tells us we aren't the best, we are just one of many. He gives us no reason to be proud. He tells our allies as well as foes that the U.S. has made many mistakes and we are sorry.

The only thing I'm sorry for is the stupidity of those who voted for the guy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

This guy is such a joke!!

We have had naive, ignorant, self serving Presidents in the past but Obama is setting a new standard. He is so far out of his league it isn't funny. His intellect is certain. His gift for delivering a speech is top notch. His ability to motivate is excellent. But his knowledge of past history is absent and his total disregard for the truth makes Clinton look like the Pope.

Past history has shown that in times of economic troubles lowering the tax rate has brought in more money. In an interview with Charlie Gibson before the election he acknowledged that fact but said that wasn't his concern. His concern was to level the playing field. Past history shows that the government is terrible at running most things and especially anything for a profit but he has taken control over GM, Fannie and Freddie, AIG and is going after health care. Past history shows that radical Muslims cannot be persuaded to like Christians but he goes to Cairo and tells the Arab world how great Islam is.

He tells the Arab audience that the US would be the third largest Muslim country if you counted the Muslims here. All reputable numbers say that it would be more like 35th -45th largest. Whether he is lying or just ignorant we don't know but he continuously makes these statements and gets a pass by the media each time. Lets look at some of his other fibs or change of heart comments.

End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000 per year. Allow five days of public comment before signing bills. Create a $3,000 tax credit for companies that add jobs. Close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. No jobs for lobbyists. Earmark reform. Will bring troops home in 16 months. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

How about his arrogance. Flying to California to do a late night show. Taking Michelle to NYC for a night out. Going to get a burger himself. After telling the CEO's that they no longer will be taking business trips on the public dole he has spent hundreds of thousands on these non business trips. The public is told to tighten our belts but Michelle has $500 tennis shoes. Can you imagine the outrage if this was G. Bush?

We were supposed to be loved by the world again. China, France, Germany, Israel, N Korea, Iraq all think he's a joke.

I guess the sad part is the media is still in love with the guy and can't see their bias.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keep your eyes open.

With so many "BIG" things going wrong, we sometimes forget about the little things. The saying was "if you take care of the nickels and dimes, the dollars will take care of them self". How you manage you funds starts with the little things. Here is an example.

I take an over the counter allergy pill. You can purchase it with a R/x but it costs more. You can purchase the name brand but that costs more than the generic store brand. 10mg is 10mg regardless of who's name is on the cover.

I'm at the store today to purchase some. I look at the store brand and it is $9.95 for a thirty count bottle. I don't remember them being that costly so I looked again. Right next to the thirty count bottle are sixty county bottles of the same thing. The box is a different color but the wording is the same. The cost is $7.95. That's $2.00 less for double the number of pills.

Go figure.

Russian blogger has it right

Posted in Pravda from Russian blogger Stanislov. Shortened but still long.

It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people. First, the population was dumbed down through a politicized and substandard education system based on pop culture, rather then the classics. Then their faith in God was destroyed, until their churches, all tens of thousands of different "branches and denominations" were for the most part little more then Sunday circuses and their televangelists and top protestant mega preachers were more then happy to sell out their souls and flocks to be on the "winning" side of one pseudo Marxist politician or another. The final collapse has come with the election of Barack Obama. His speed in the past three months has been truly impressive. His spending and money printing has been a record setting, not just in America's short history but in the world. If this keeps up for more then another year, and there is no sign that it will not, America at best will resemble the Wiemar Republic and at worst Zimbabwe. Then came Barack Obama's command that GM's (General Motor) president step down from leadership of his company. That is correct, dear reader, in the land of "pure" free markets, the American president now has the power, the self given power, to fire CEOs and we can assume other employees of private companies, at will. Prime Minister Putin, less then two months ago, warned Obama and UK's Blair, not to follow the path to Marxism, it only leads to disaster. Apparently, even though we suffered 70 years of this Western sponsored horror show, we know nothing, as foolish, drunken Russians, so let our "wise" Anglo-Saxon fools find out the folly of their own pride. Again, the American public has taken this with barely a whimper...but a "freeman" whimper. So, should it be any surprise to discover that the Democratically controlled Congress of America is working on passing a new regulation that would give the American Treasury department the power to set "fair" maximum salaries, evaluate performance and control how private companies give out pay raises and bonuses? Senator Barney Franks, a social pervert basking in his homosexuality (of course, amongst the modern, enlightened American societal norm, as well as that of the general West, homosexuality is not only not a looked down upon life choice, but is often praised as a virtue) and his Marxist enlightenment, has led this effort. He stresses that this only affects companies that receive government monies, but it is retroactive and taken to a logical extreme, this would include any company or industry that has ever received a tax break or incentive. The proud American will go down into his slavery with out a fight, beating his chest and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker.

This outsider has us pegged.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Losing our Freedom

A Dallas HOA asks a Marine vet to remove pro marine bumper stickers from his car or be fined. A San Diego Pastor and his wife are fined and threatened with escalating fines for holding weekly bible study's for 15 people in their home. A hospital supervisor in the Dallas/Fort woth area was asked to remove her 3' x 5' American flag from her cubicle because another supervisor was offended.

I have a flag on my house, I hold weekly Bible studies and our son has anti-Obama stickers on his truck. How long until they come for me?

This has got to end and people need to wake up! There is a right and wrong, a black and white. We have become so PC that if anyone is offended by anything it is illegal. Well, I'm offended by liberals telling me what I can and can't do. Can we outlaw idiots?

Elections have consequences.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What happened?

What happened to our new blogger? I checked in earlier today but now the post I saw is gone. Was he even crazier than I am?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Supreme Court Pick

Word is out that Obamas first pick is Judge Sonia Sotomayor. She is single, Hispanic and has been a federal judge since 1992. At first glance she seems to have been involved with very few profile cases in which to grade her. She was first appointed by George H Bush and later named an appeals judge by Clinton.

Since the Republicans have no hope of stopping any pick Obama would nominate I think we could have done a lot worse. We'll see what evolves in the months ahead.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It doesn't get much better than this.

This was one of the many we caught today. Tonight in a period of less than thirty minutes I caught five of them. Even the small ones put up a fight on an ultra-light rod and reel.

Next month our daughter, son-in-law and four grandchildren will be coming to the cabin for a ten day fishing trip. Needless to say I better keep practicing to be ready for the six annual Grandpa. Dad and Grandson fishing tournament.

As I said, life can be good.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life is good.

Got up this morning, it was raining. The thunder rumbled as I rolled out of bed. I headed to the den and finished writing checks and paying bills. We still have enough to make it to the next payday without having to sell our plasma.

Went to evil Wal-Mart and purchased a new rod and reel. I have all of my other ones stripped down ready to re-string. Made it down to the cabin and my brother and I took the pontoon out for just over an hour. Eighty-one degrees, plenty of sun but no breeze, the lake was a smooth a glass. He caught the first one but I caught the largest one. I caught two Large Mouth Bass about 15 inches long. He caught three smaller one and a Bluegill.

I have two more days to get in some more fishing.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Has it begun?

First the volunteers then those who are volunteered. Parents who don't want to be a burden on their children. Children who don't want to be burdened by their parents. Citizens with physical or mental defects sent there by the government, their care givers. Citizens who are told that they no longer qualify for the medical treatment that they need.

Will you look back in ten-twenty years and say, That crazy grouchy old man was right. Will I be around to tell you, I told you so?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Dems and your credit card

Congress wrapped up the legislation Wednesday on new credit card standards and sent it to President Obama, who is expected to sign it on Friday. The new rules are to protect consumers from rate increases and over limit fees. Sounds wonderful.

Generally the only way you get an increase in the interest rate is by not paying your bill on time. Usually over limit fees happen when only the minimum has been paid and you continue to use the card past it's allowable limit. The banks now will have to take on more risk as they can't charge the slow pays or no pays more than they do everyone who pays on time.

So how will they cover their increased costs? By charging the account holder who is doing everything right. Proposals range from monthly fees to no more airline miles to interest accruing from the date of the transaction (no grace period).

Who needs credit cards more? Those who are cash strapped. So who will be hurt the most by these proposals? The people the Dems love to say they are for, the poor. People with cash will just quit using the cards or be very selective of when they do. The poor need them to buy groceries and gas. If fewer people use the cards then the CC companies will lay off people. Do you think these will be executive positions or entry level? The people who cannot afford to lose their job will be the ones to go first.

Once again the Dems talk like they care but their actions show how short sighted they are. While making big business pay they are hurting the constituents they claim to care about.

Why belong to a club you don't agree with?

If you were black would you be part of the KKK? If you were Muslim would you attend the Catholic church? If you thought global warming was a joke would you work with Al Gore? Probably not. If you truly hold beliefs about something you couldn't be part of a group that didn't think like you.

So why do Jews vote Democratic and why did Catholics vote Obama into office? Catholics voted for Obama 54-45% in 08. A major belief of Catholicism is no abortion. Obama clearly is Pro Choice. How can you vote for a guy that doesn't hold the same ideal on this item? If you don't believe in the Pro Life stance why are you a Catholic?

A recent Gallup Poll showed 79% of Jews approved of Obama's job approval. As a Jew why would you vote for a party that has clearly shown over the years a disregard for Israel? Why would you vote for a party that wants Israel to weaken itself while being surrounded by enemies?

If you don't believe in the group you belong to on the most basic of issues why not join another group?


Put aside the tin foil and black helicopters and watch this post on youtube.

Can anyone give me a rational explanation for this?

$$ for minority owned broadcasters

House Dems are asking the Treasury Dept. for funds for minority owned broadcasters who are struggling. In a letter to Treasury Sec. Geithner they argue that minority-owned broadcasters are sound businesses, but that the recession could undermine the government’s efforts to diversify the airwaves. They are looking for continued access to capital to continue their otherwise fundamentally sound operations,the members write.

You can guess who is part of the letter. Charles Rangel, Barney Frank, Barbara Lee and Bobby Rush among others. My question is, if these are so fundamentally strong why do they need bailing out? Like every other business if it is a good idea with a good plan it can succeed. There are ups and downs all the time. These are business' that were barely making it when the economy was good. This is like saying "I have this great product that would have made me rich but the public was too stupid to realize its value".

Where do these bailouts stop?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama and abortion

In Obama's speech to Notre Dame he said the two sides of the abortion issue need to find some common ground. He said that we need to reduce abortions but make them safe.

Rush among others said it much better than I could but here goes. Why seek common ground? If the Pro-life side believes in their cause why would they OK abortions? If the Pro-abortion side is comfortable in their stand why would they want to limit abortions? By Obama's past votes he seems fine with abortions so why do we need to reduce them? If there is nothing wrong with an abortion either spiritually, mentally or physically why reduce them?

If they must be reduced then I can only conclude there is something wrong with them. He and his followers arguments that they are OK but we should cut back does not make any rational sense. But I guess when does a liberal argument make sense?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

09 Grads and where the jobs are

For the class of 09 things are a little bleaker than past years. Unemployment is up and large firms have cut back on hiring but there is a profession that will boom in the next few years if things continue the way the are.

Medicare and SS are in trouble. Health care is going to get a major tweaking and probably go the way of the European system. Government will run things and decide who gets what treatment. That being said the next booming profession will be morticians and grave diggers! When the old become too much of a drain on the US budget and push comes to shove where will the government be able to save money on health care? By denying heart transplants, hip replacements and many other assorted treatments needed by elderly for their quality of life. You have already heard the talk from some that abortion is good because it keeps the population down. Same goes for assisted suicide. To help Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and health care we need to let the people who are a drain on those resources pass on to the next life so the younger more vital citizens can thrive. Thus the funeral business will boom. It may not be glamorous but there will always be customers.