Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boise State - Oregon Football Fight

I am a Nebraska football fan. I enjoy watching other college football games. I will even watch some professional football now and again. I am neither an Oregon or Boise State fan.

Last night as I was watching the Oregon-Boise State game I believe the announcer said or maybe I read the Oregon's running back's comments about beating Boise State. When I saw how the game was going I told my wife that players should never give the other teams quotes of inspiration.

As I read accounts of what happened, I wondered if suspension for the rest of the season was warranted. Doesn't the NCAA have a one or two game suspension for fighting? Should the fact that the Oregon player got in a lucky punch bring on the death penalty? I will leave that to smarter minds than mine to resolve.

My question to you is what penalty will be given the Boise State player? Wasn't he in the other players face, screaming who knows what and didn't he tap-hit him on the shoulder pads? This in no way justifies a punch in the chops but come on.

When I was young and played sports, we were taught two things. It's important to accept defeat and learn to be a good loser. We were also taught to be graceful winners. There is no excuse for the punch. There is no excuse for the "in your face" taunting by the winning player.

So punish the player that threw the fist. But also punish the player who got in his face. Maybe next time, when some player gets exciting about winning, He will keep his actions to getting in the face of his fellow team members and celebrating. That's good sportsmanship.

What do you think?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama's advisers comments

We were told that race relations would be healed if/when we voted in a black President. Obama was the great healer and he and his followers would cleanse the U.S. of its bigoted past.

First we had the Rev. Wright and then AG Holder and now Van Jones. Jones is an administration official who signed a petition in 2004 suggesting the White House allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur. He has also said only suburban white kids shoot up schools (like Columbine) and does an imitation of George W on crack caught on tape.

Imagine if someone said only blacks deal drugs and did an imitation of Sharpton or the Rev Jackson drunk.

I thought only whites were racist. I guess this is what hope and change is.