Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What doesn't Obama understand?

Maybe someone has posted this before, if so, I'm sorry for bringing this up again.

We're hearing about the housing market turning around and the credit is being given to the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers (tax incentive).

We're hearing about the auto industry having their best month in a couple of years and the credit is being given to the "cash for clunkers" program (incentive).

Our economy has yet to turn around (although listening to the state controlled media, you'd think we were fine) but what is the governments solution...tax increases. What? From the previous two examples that the current government has put forward, aren't tax incentives/tax cuts the way to go?

If you want people to being spending and businesses to start to hire again, why not give them incentive to do so? It's amazing to me, the administration plays up how much they've helped the housing and auto industry, but they can't get it through their think liberal skulls that if they applied that theory to the rest of the market, everything would turn around...it's worked in the past!

Leftofcenter...you say there isn't enough opposition on this blog (I agree, I'd love to have more) but here is your chance. Tell me how I'm wrong.


  1. It’s not what Obama doesn’t understand, it what don’t you understand?

    It became clear to me last night when a clip was played of one of the national new media reporters saying this, “they don’t know what’s good for them”. She wasn’t talking about children not wanting to take their medicine when they are sick. She was talking about those anti-Obama healthcare protesters. According to her, we may not know what’s good for us but Obama does.

    When you ask the question about Obama, you are giving him the benefit of doubt that he wants what’s best for America instead of what he thinks is best for America. He said in one of his speeches that he was going to transform America. He didn’t say what he was going to transform it into.

    President Johnson passed the Great Society legislation that was aimed at helping the poor and providing a safety net. He thought that he knew what was best for America. A net is used in the circus to catch the high wire act in case they should slip and fall. A net is also used for fishing. It catches those that get in its way and holds them captive. So while Johnson’s safety nets has helped so many people when they fall, it has also trapped so many in a life of poverty and despair.

    Adolph Hitler was a bitter little man who was angry that Germany had lost World War I. He blamed it on the Jews and the world bankers. Germany was in a depression after the war that carried over into the Great Depression. He thought that he had a better idea for Germany. One of his methods was to demonize a segment of the population, a group that the rest of the country could unite against and pull together. From a “who’s in power” perspective he was very successful. From what was best for Germany point of view, he was a failure.

    The Obama administration has had a long line of villain de jour. The latest was greedy doctors that removed tonsils when it wasn’t needed and evil insurance companies. It is a political trick to try and deflect attention to what they are attempting to do.

    How can you trust any politician, Democrat, Republican or Independent that lies to you while looking you in the face? Politicians seem to have a memory problem and think that America does too. The problem is that there are two items, audio and video recorders. They can say that they didn’t say something but if it’s on tape you know that they are lying to you.

    My dad used to say that you could only lie to him once. If he found out that you lied to him, he’s never believe you again. The American people need to be a little more like my dad.

  2. I couldn't agree more with grouchy, Obama's plan is to destroy America as we know it! I would say he's right on track, the more chaos you create the more people have to depend on the government. All you have to do is look at the people he associates with and know that he believes America is evil and so are the people that made it great.

  3. Maybe I was giving Obama the benefit of the doubt that he would want what's best for this country. I guess my question wasn't about Obama specifically, it's about liberals in general. Every liberal is against tax cuts. Raise taxes is always the answer.

    How can they continue to say that after the two examples that a liberal has implemented have shown to increase spending?

    That's why I called LOC out to see his/her perspective on this.