Saturday, July 4, 2009

What if they were right in 1974?

The government has passed or is attempting to pass regulations that cover everything from which light bulbs you can use, low flush toilets, what type shower heard you use, to if you can sell your house without replacing an older model dishwasher of microwave. Never mind if they still work or not, if they don’t meet certain energy savings requirements, you will have to replace them before selling your house. In the name of global warming and farming practices, the government wants to regulate small farmers that raise and sell their produce on street corners or at farmer’s markets. The government is passing so many laws that at any one time you may be in violation of several of them without even knowing it.

I had heard several people talk about the fact that there was an “Coming Ice Age” scare back in the 70’s. I kind of remembered some of the discussion but I couldn’t remember all of the facts. I decided to get on line and see what I could find. What I found were hundreds of thousands of different blogs and articles about it. I wanted to narrow it down so I went to, as Time Magazine was one of the fear mongers sounding the alarm. This link will take you to the Time article published in June 1974.,9171,944914,00.html

So what if they were right then and wrong now. What if the last two decades of excessive sunspot activity actually provided a stay to the global cooling that they were discussing back then? If you take a look at the last seven to ten years, you will find that the temperatures have been falling again even with the increase of CO2.

One recent blog actually wondered if Al Gore would be in favor of subsidizing SUV production to help warm the planet once it is discovered that we are in deed cooling instead of warming up. It concluded that if Mr. Gore could make a dollar doing it, he would be at the front of the line.

In the mean time Congress, which is suppose to work for the people is going about making energy slaves out of the people. Other countries that have Cap and Trade laws are trying to undo the damage that it has caused. Germany reportedly pays 25% more for electricity now after Cap and Trade took effect.

One of the reasons that unions made headway into the mining business was because the miners were little more than slaves to the mining companies. This was supported by the company store. Miners could purchase food other needs from the local store. The mining company owned the store. The miners lived in company housing. The mining company ran the hospitals. No matter how hard the miners worked, they could never get out of debt because the mining company just raised their prices. If they went on strike, they would be without food, shelter and medical care.

Is that were we are headed in America? Instead of a company ran store, company housing and company hospitals; will it be government ran? Will the prices be kept so high that it’s all we can do to keep our heads above water? Will the taxes, hidden in the cost of products and taken out of our paychecks leave what we need to survive as free men and women?

If the direction the country is headed isn’t changed, you and your children won’t live in the America that you grew up in. The problem is the Democrats or Republicans are taking us down the same road to destruction. Is there another Ronald Reagan out there?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin resigns as Gov.

Maybe she just wants out of the spotlight but with her resignation the speculation of her running for Pres. in 2012 begins. If she is ready to throw her hat in the ring is she a viable candidate?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The U.S. Supreme Court is going to hear arguments stating that Obama isn’t qualified to be President as he doesn’t meet the citizenship requirements. Should the court rule him ineligible, all hell will break loose. I don’t think that there is a chance in a trillion of that happening.

Having discounted the chances that that will happen, let’s say for sake of argument that it does. The Supreme Court rules that Obama isn’t eligible to be president. Obama laughs at the ruling and states that the majority of they people that voted elected him and he is staying put. The Joint Chiefs of Staff which have sworn an oath to the Constitution and the American people remove Obama from office and place Joe Biden in as President of the United States. Under these circumstances, did America just have a military coup or did the constitutional process, enforced by the military, take effect?

What does this have to do with Honduras? Honduras has a clause in their constitution similar to that of the U.S. Constitution that states that the president can only serve two terms. Recently, towards the end of his second term, the President of Honduras decided that he was going to have a petition election to allow him to serve for a third term. The opposition filed suit and the Supreme Court of Honduras ruled that the petition election was unconstitutional and that the then serving president couldn’t serve again. The President decided that he wasn’t going to follow their constitution or their Supreme Court’s ruling. The military, all sworn to protect the country and the constitution stepped in and removed the president. The legislative body of Honduras appointed their leading person to fill in as president.

From what I have read and hear about the change in leadership in Honduras, the military was performing their sworn duty to uphold their constitution as ruled by their Supreme Court. I fail to understand President Obama’s position on this matter. President Obama has aligned himself with the likes of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chevez. Neither are supports of democracy. This was not a violent overthrow; it was their constitution process working.

Write your Representative and Senators and request that they support the new Honduran government.