Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama's advisers comments

We were told that race relations would be healed if/when we voted in a black President. Obama was the great healer and he and his followers would cleanse the U.S. of its bigoted past.

First we had the Rev. Wright and then AG Holder and now Van Jones. Jones is an administration official who signed a petition in 2004 suggesting the White House allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur. He has also said only suburban white kids shoot up schools (like Columbine) and does an imitation of George W on crack caught on tape.

Imagine if someone said only blacks deal drugs and did an imitation of Sharpton or the Rev Jackson drunk.

I thought only whites were racist. I guess this is what hope and change is.


  1. There is a reason that the Senate gives advise and consent on federal and Supreme Court judges. There are reasons that the President’s cabinet nominees are reviewed before being confirmed.

    I don’t understand how President Obama has been able to appoint a large contingency of Czars with no congressional oversight. What are their powers and who are these people answerable too?

    If only half of what is being reported on Fox News about the Czars is true, it is cause for concern. Why hasn’t the national news media reported on the accusations, either to debunk or confirm the charges? Why has Congress, both House and Senate sat back and taken no action? Can you imagine the great ado that would have occurred, and rightfully so, had President Bush appointed a self confessed supporter of the John Birch Society as a consultant? How about if he appointed David Duke to a position of Czar?

    It's time to contact you Senator and ask him what the hell is going on.

  2. Well, at least one of these guys has stepped aside. Saw the headline on Drudge that Jones has stepped down.

  3. I read an A.P. story about his leaving. They acted as if he was being persecuted by Glenn Beck. There was no mention of Van Jones doing jail time or being a self confessed communist. Now that’s good reporting for you, NOT.