Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ending racism in America?

From what we were told, electing a black President would help with our race relations in this country. Well, I tuned for part (couldn't listen all the b.s. that was said) of the Pres. news conference last night. Since I only caught the end of the conference, I heard the last question asked regarding an arrest of a black professor from Harvard and if this harms race relations...or something along those lines.

The Pres. responded that he didn't have all the facts but that the officers acted "stupidly." Why does he feel the officers acted stupidly? Was it because they arrested a black man who was in his own home? Was it because they responded to the call at all?

Without having the facts, it amazes me that Pres. Obama would make a comment at al (his typical healthcare response was "I haven't seen the bill"). I guess he felt he had to bad mouth the white cop who arrested the black man. How does this help race relations? Isn't this what is always happening? Black man being kept down by the white man? Well, I've read the arresting officers report. Doesn't sound like he did anything wrong. Sounds like the man arrested was accusing the officer of being a racist from the moment he responded to the call. He was given multiple warnings that he was going to be arrested but the man kept yelling.

What makes me concerned is that the Pres. put our law enforcement under the bus. He sided with the man who was being arrested over the cops. What will he do with our military and other law enforcement? Will he side on the accusations of abuse from inmates, terrorists, and others who feel they have been wronged by authority figures? I was told things were going to be different now that we have a black Pres... well, I guess our Pres. has the same attitude of other blacks who claim the white man is keeping them down.

I have to say that the White House has come out with a clarification, the President didn't mean that the officers were stupid, he meant that acted stupid. Wow, good job on clarifying. This administration is such a joke. Mr. President, I don't mean you're a moron, I mean you're acting like a moron.

Here's a link to the police report:

Should healthcare be a right?

The healthcare debate is raging. Obama is pushing hard and the Republicans are fighting back. We can argue about the various plans out there but the fundamental question is " In this nation of prosperity should affordable healthcare be considered a right for everyone?"

Just throwing it out there.

This Is Where Each of Your 1.421 Trillion Dollars Is Going In 2010

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Goldman 'warrants


Goldman Sachs (GS, Fortune 500) said it paid the government $1.1 billion to redeem the stock-purchase warrants it issued Treasury last fall. The payment marks the first time taxpayers have recovered the full value of warrants issued to a major institution under the Troubled Asset Relief Program, one expert said.

"That sounds pretty good," said Rep. Dennis Moore, D-Kansas, said of the 23% annualized return taxpayers got on their $10 billion investment last fall in Goldman

One Trillion Dollars Visualized


Monday, July 20, 2009

What good can come of it?

Here is a question for someone smarter than I am. That could be most anyone out there. Maybe someone out there is a lawyer, knows a lawyer or is married to a lawyer.

Child porn is illegal to photograph, illegal to sell, illegal to own and illegal to broadcast.

If it is illegal to take pictures or film of prisoners of war for propaganda, it’s against the Geneva Convention, why isn’t it illegal to sell, own or broadcast? If it is propaganda, which it is, aren’t the television stations that broadcast it aiding and abetting the enemy by doing so? Why do we as a nation provided the enemy with an outlet for an illegal action?

What good did it do to show the film of the American soldier in captivity?