Friday, August 7, 2009

The Whitehouse wants to silence critics of their plans that they say are putting out false information. I suggest everyone who is against the policies of this administration send Obama emails stating the facts of why these policies are wrong. Give them the "false info" they are talking about such as the audio of Obama saying he was for a single payer system and now saying he never said it.

Where were these concerns when W was blasted about being a drunk and druggie or how he let NO residents drown because they were black or the twin towers was an inside job? Flood the servers!

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  1. Something “fishy” about health care reform.

    The government has asked us to email them at whenever we read or hear something “fishy” being said or written about the proposed health care reform bill.

    Ok, here goes:

    1. I find it “fishy” that a leading Democratic congressman admits that he’s not going to read the bill but that he will vote for it anyway.

    2. I find it “fishy” that the national news media appears to be covering up for the protesters at the town hall meeting. Nancy Pelosi stated that the protesters are showing up with signs bearing swastika and they haven’t been showing it on the evening news. Is it possible that the national news media is covering for the protesters? Or, maybe Pelosi is full of BS.

    3. I find it “fishy” that the Democrats are pushing to have a bill enacted into law in such a hurry that won’t even take effect for a couple of years. What’s the hurry?

    4. I find it “fishy” that the Democrats are telling us that the bill says one thing but when you read it, it says just the opposite. For example, if you have you own insurance and you qualify for Medicare, you will be forced to give up your own insurance and move over to Medicare. They say that you will be able to keep your own insurance. Something sounds “fishy” to me.

    5. I find it “fishy” that while the President of the United States is out stumping for the healthcare bill he answers that he isn’t familiar with that portion of the bill when asked about it. Then he admits that he hasn’t read the bill.

    Mr. President, I have some ocean beachfront property in Nebraska that I will sell you at a very reasonable price. Oh, don’t worry about the details or the actual costs, just sign on the dotted line.

    What, does the deal sound “fishy”?