Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are food, healthcare and shelter a right?

At the headline is Getting food stamps. It's your right. If you meet the guidelines you may be entitled to them under the law but is it a basic human right? Squatters across the country are trespassing in vacant homes and setting up shop. They have been told that the home is not being used so they should not be denied shelter. Illegal immigrants come acroos the border for medical care because it's their right to be healthy.

For years rights advocates have tried to push their agenda in these areas. In 2004 An investigator for the United Nations Commission on Human Rights cited the US for "a range of violations" in a "dire reality" of "human rights denial" in the area of housing. Philip Mangano, who was the executive director of the federal Interagency Council on Homelessness said "It may very well be this wrong of homelessness will lead us to establish the right to housing. That would be consistent with our history of righting wrongs in this country, like slavery, and then creating rights afterward."

What right does the US or any government have to tell us that we owe a home, food or healthcare to someone else? Was this how our founding fathers saw the job of government? I wish someone could show me where those rights are laid out. Even as a Christian I would have a hard time finding the passages that would lead me to that conclusion. We are to help the needy but that does not mean we are to give to government so they can decide who is needy. We as individuals are to take the task upon ourselves of feeding and caring for the less fortunate.

If the government can make up rights that are not in our founding papers how long until the things that matter to you will be taken away or given to someone else? Elections do matter!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is Rush bad for the GOP?

Drudge Headline: White House plots Limbaugh Coverage.
James Carville says he wants Rush to keep talking.
RNC head Steele says Rush's rhetoric is "incendiary and ugly."

So is Rush hurting the GOP? The majority of conservatives would say NO. Is Rush good for the liberal conservatives, NO. Will Rush scare away those who have no convictions. YES. Is the GOP a party that has it's values based on polling data or are it's values based on moral convictions which don't change over time?

The sad part of all this is: The Democrats and media are more afraid of a college drop out talk show host than GOP members of Congress. I think this says more about the state of the GOP than it does about Rush. Rush has the ability the inspire us. He himself is a success story. He is living the American dream and articulates the thoughts and beliefs of millions. Admittedly he has had some personal issues but who hasn't? Certainly not those bad mouthing him.

When Rush says he hopes the Obama plan fails anyone with half a brain knows what he is talking about. Obama's restructuring of America into a socialist state could possibly help in the short term but long run it is devastating. Allowing Government to tell us where our kids can go to school, what doctor we can see and how much money we can make is not the American dream our ancestors worked and died for. Once we allow Government to intrude into our lives we can't get them out. Those looking for quick solutions are narrow minded and selfish. They don't want to pay the price for their and governments mistakes. They are taking the handouts and leaving their kids and grand kids to pay the bill. Buy now and pay later!

How is Rush's statement any different then Reid's and Pelosi's about we support the troops but not the war? Rush supports America just not the direction it's heading. Reid called President Bush and idiot. It amazes me how blind society is. Give them what they want and they are kept fat, dumb and happy. It's like the boiling frog story.

So is Rush bad for the GOP? Not the GOP I want! I'm willing to lose a few battles to win the war. It may not always be easy, it may not be pretty but it's what is right for our future and our kids future. If I have to give up my convictions to make my life easier than I become a selfish, despicable human being who is just wasting oxygen and taking up space. I was born to be better than that.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is Obama actually hurting the poor?

Didn’t Pres. Obama campaign on helping the poor and middle class citizens in this country? We saw person after person telling their sad story and asking how the government is going to help. Well, I guess the answer is to decrease the amount donated to charities which the poor may rely upon.

Obama has now stated that he wants to reduce the deduction percentage for charitable giving for those “rich” couples making over $250,000. That may be a great way to bring more money into Washington, but at the expense of the people that he campaigned to help?

The Indiana University Center on Philanthropy sees a sizable negative impact from the proposal.

President Obama's tax proposals -- including a limit on charitable giving deductions that could be taken by America's wealthiest people -- could cause giving by America's wealthy to drop by several billion dollars a year, according to estimates released today by the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy.

The center looked at how the proposals Mr. Obama released on Thursday would have affected giving based on 2006 data showing how much taxpayers deducted for charitable contributions. It said that if Mr. Obama's tax plan had been in effect, Americans with incomes of $250,000 or more would have decreased their giving by 4.6 percent or nearly $3.9-billion. People at that income level claimed more than $81-billion in charitable gifts in 2006...

... In a statement, Patrick M. Rooney, interim director of the Indiana center, said he worried about the effect of the tax change at a time when the downturn in the economy has put a squeeze on many donors and the charities they support.

"Tax incentives do stimulate more giving," Mr. Rooney said, "and the challenges facing the nonprofit sector in 2009 suggest that this might be a good time to provide additional incentives, rather than reduce the value of the tax deduction for high-income households, so that the donors with the greatest capacity to give have more reasons to do so."

Does the GOP need the black vote?

Much has been said lately about black America. We have a black President, a black Attorney General and the RNC has it's first black leader. There is no doubt that blacks are making great strides in society today. Instead of finally coming to terms with our past and moving on it seems the media focus has been even more on race than in the past. Because of this the evil Republicans are being grilled about their programs aimed at minorities. How much are they giving to minority causes, how many programs are they cutting that will benefit minorities? Is it possible for the GOP to keep it's core values and cater to the minority population?

If it's core values are smaller government, pro 2nd Amendment, anti abortion and lower taxes than I don't think it's possible to give blacks what the Democrats will give them. That being said do we need their vote to get Republicans elected? I don't think so. Do we want to include all races in the party? Yes, but not at the expense of our morals. No matter what we have promised the black population in the past we still only pull about 10% at the most in an election.

Lets look at numbers. Blacks currently are about 15% of the population and Hispanics slightly more. Asians are 5%. Whites are around 70%. The numbers don't add up because there is some cross over in the demographics. In 2050 it is estimated Whites will be 46%, Blacks still 15%, Hispanics 30% and Asians 10%. I don't think we can continue to bend over and give everything to the black community only to have them turn around and vote for a Democrat. We need to stick to our principals and win them over because they want to live the American dream.

Our money and time would be better spent wooing the Hispanic population which is more religious and less inclined to look to government to solve their problems. Hispanics live more conservatively and family is more important to them. The road back to power does not go through the black community but the Hispanic.