Sunday, September 27, 2009

Football Fever

Last week, Nebraska barely loss to a very good VT team that beam Miami easily this week.

There are those that say Nebraska was cheated out of a touchdown when the receive had first his left foot and then his ring foot down in the end zone only to lose the ball when he fell out of the end zone. I thought that the ground couldn't cause a fumble. Maybe they ruled that he didn't have control but the review from the side shows that he had it in both hands and was in control.

Either way, a crushing victory over a SunBelt team wasn't enough to bring the Huskers up in the polls even though a team that they outplayed the week before thrashed Miami.

All in all, the Huskers have an improved defense this year. The real season starts with the next game against Missouri, a team that trashed thenm last year. So far in the Big Twelve North, Missouri and Kansas are both 4-0 and should be rated when Nebraska plays them. A victory or either team will show improvement. A victory over both would be sweet.

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