Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shame on them

Is it time to sit down and write an angry email to the head of the Associated Press? Read on and then you decide.

USMC Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard lay mortally wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade attack. He was bleeding to death through his severed leg. The embedded A.P. photographer thought it appropriate to take his picture.

The A.P. decided to splash the photo in newspapers across the nation to show the horrors of war even thought the Secretary of State Gates and the Joshua’s father begged them not to.
Where is the respect for the fallen hero’s? Where is the concern for the family’s loss? What ever happened to common decency?

With a simple email to reading "Bernard photo-Shame on you", you can send a message that this is not acceptable.

If you agree, forward this after sending your email. Maybe if they receive a couple of hundred emails they might think twice the next time.

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